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Welcome to the Wyoming State Geological Survey

Interpreting the past, providing for the future

ACC bentonite Mill

Mines and Minerals Map

A new online interactive Mines and Minerals Map allows for research and understaning of Wyoming resources.
Gas Hills

Curt Gowdy Geology

An Information Pamphlet, IP-13, describing the geology and hydrogeology found at Curt Gowdy State Park is now available.

Groundwater Salinity Report

A new report examines the salinity of groundwater in the Powder River Basin that may be suited to industrial uses.

Rare Mammal Fossil Discovered

A tapiromorph fossil discovered in the Green River Formation may be the first of its kind.

Interactive Maps

Link to interactive Groundwater Atlas Link to interactive Oil and Gas map Link to interactive Geochronology map Link to Interactive Geologic Map index Link to Interactive Mines & Minerals Map

Geospatial Data
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Wyoming's gemstones
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