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Charles Samra

Charles “Chuck” Samra started as a geologist in the WSGS’s Hazards, Mapping, and Water Resources division in January 2018. His primary focus is geologic mapping and resource evaluation. He holds a B.A. degree from Western State Colorado University and an M.S. from Northern Arizona University, both in geology.

Prior to joining the WSGS, Chuck was employed as a gold and copper exploration geologist for nearly a decade in Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, and Montana. In addition, he also worked a couple of years in the oil and gas industry, based in Denver, Colorado, focusing on evaluating and interpreting major unconventional basin plays.

When he’s not in the field, Chuck spends most of his free time skiing, rafting, mountain biking, and running his dogs.

Selected Publications

Samra, C.P., Anderson, Z.W., Umhoefer, P.J., and Feinberg, J.M., 2013, Clockwise rotational deformation along the eastern Las Vegas Valley shear zone, Lake Mead, Nevada: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 45, n. 7, 171 p.

Umhoefer, P.J., Anderson, Z.W., Samra, C.P., and Cassidy, C., 2013, The influence of tectonic inheritance in the central Basin and Range extensional province with an emphasis on the western Lake Mead domain: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 45, no. 7, 523 p.

Samra, C.P., 2013, Structural and basin evolution of the western Gale Hills, Lake Mead Miocene extensional domain, Nevada: Flaggstaff, Northern Arizona University, M.S. thesis, 247 p.