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Staff Directory

 Front Desk: (307) 766-2286

  Employee extensions may be used to access voicemail after hours.

Director and State Geologist

Erin Campbell WSGS Director and State Geologist erin.campbell@wyo.gov Ext. 230

Outreach and Publications

Christina George Outreach and Publications Manager christina.george@wyo.gov Ext. 231

Administrative Services

Kathy Decker Manager | Administration kathy.decker@wyo.gov Ext. 239
Shari Williamson Accountant shari.williamson@wyo.gov Ext. 251
Niesey Heckart Office Specialist onies.heckart1@wyo.gov Ext. 228
Bridget McGuire Office Specialist II bridget.mcguire@wyo.gov Ext. 254

Energy & Mineral Resources

Ranie Lynds Manager | Energy & Minerals ranie.lynds@wyo.gov Ext. 235
Wayne Sutherland Gems and Minerals wayne.sutherland@wyo.gov Ext. 247
Robert Gregory Uranium and Trona robert.gregory@wyo.gov Ext. 237
Rachel Toner Oil and Natural Gas rachel.toner@wyo.gov Ext. 248
Jesse Pisel Oil and Natural Gas jesse.pisel@wyo.gov Ext. 225
Kelsey Kehoe Coal kelsey.kehoe@wyo.gov Ext. 233

Hazards, Mapping & Water Resources

Seth Wittke Manager | Geologic Hazards seth.wittke@wyo.gov Ext. 244
Jim Rodgers Geologic Analysis james.rodgers@wyo.gov Ext. 255
Jim Stafford Natural Resource Analysis james.stafford@wyo.gov Ext. 252
Karl Taboga Hydrogeology karl.taboga@wyo.gov Ext. 226
Andrea Loveland Structure, Mapping, and Fossils andrea.loveland@wyo.gov Ext. 240
Charles Samra Geology charles.samra@wyo.gov Ext. 243

Information Management & Technology

David Lucke Manager | GIS/IM david.lucke@wyo.gov Ext. 232
Suzanne Luhr GIS Map Editing suzanne.luhr@wyo.gov Ext. 250
Phyllis Ranz GIS Resources phyllis.ranz@wyo.gov Ext. 236